Carpet Cleaning Without Water

Is Carpet Cleaning Without Water Possible?

Water is the enemy of carpets. This is what makes carpet cleaning so difficult. If you don’t dry them very quickly, the carpets can easily become a welcoming nest for mold and mildew. Once mold starts to develop, your carpet is going to be ruined, as it is almost impossible to clean it up. Even steam cleaning can dampen the fibers too much, so many people try to avoid all cleaning methods that use water as one of the main agents.

This is why most people have to hire professional cleaning services to help them with this task. Moreover, they try to find those companies that use dry cleaning methods. Such companies do exist, but you need to be very careful when you choose yours. First of all, you should know that carpet cleaning without water implies the use of other substances. You need to ask about these chemicals and their potential influence on the environment. We need to switch to a green way of living, this meaning we have to use only green services and methods in everything we do.

The other reason for being extremely careful is that harmful chemicals may affect your health, if they leave traces inside the fibers of your carpets. Moreover, if you have pets and children, you are going to endanger their health, too. Nonetheless, it’s worth mentioning that not all cleaners use low quality or harmful products.

These being said, if you make sure the carpet cleaners you’re going to hire use only non-toxic substances, dry cleaning is an excellent idea. You won’t risk your carpets to develop mold, as they are never going to get wet in the cleaning process. Everything takes place in a dry environment. The substances that get applied on the carpet have the power to interact with the dirt and grime, dismantling it from the fibers. The carpets come out spotless clean, without needing rinsing. You can’t get any method safer that that. When doing your research, try to find online reviews written by people who have used the cleaning services you intend to choose. It’s important to see how happy their former and actual clients are. This type of research shouldn’t take you more than a few hours, so you should do it, if you care about your carpets. It’s much better to take all cautionary measures, especially if you have expensive carpets. It’s probably a good idea to find out if the cleaners can offer you any kind of guarantee on their work, just in case an incident occurs and your carpets get ruined. Good professionals are happy to guarantee for the quality and safety of their services.

You may have heard that dry cleaning isn’t good. This is only a myth. The key is to use only harmless chemicals that don’t interact with the environment. Good professionals use only this kind of stuff, so you can go ahead and clean your carpets without water, if this is what you want.

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