Is Carpet Cleaning Bad For Carpets Or Not?

There are many people that believe that cleaning their carpet regularly is a way of extending its life. This is actually true in most cases. By removing particulate matter that is in the carpet, you can reduce the chances of harming the carpet fibers. This material, which could be dirt or small rocks, can gradually cut into the carpet fibers, even causing them to dislodge from the base. Vacuuming can be done regularly to prevent this from happening, and shampooing a carpet regularly can usually remove this material. However, you are also subjecting the carpet fibers to the rigorous cleansing motion of the carpet cleaner itself, which might actually be causing more damage, especially if a substantial amount of water is used. Let’s look at whether or not carpet cleaning is bad for carpets, and if so, what alternatives may exist today.

Can You Damage The Carpet Through Regular Shampooing?

If you are using a regular shampooer, it is possible that excessive shampooing can lead to early degradation of any carpet that you have. The agitating motion of the brushes, and the somewhat caustic effects of the cleaning solutions, can actually cause the fibers to deteriorate more rapidly. Additionally, when you are spraying that much water into your carpet regularly, you could actually promote the development of mold. Unless you are able to remove 99% of the water, either through extraction or using heaters and fans, this is always a possibility. If you can harm your carpet through using a shampooer, you might want to consider chemical cleaning instead.

What Is Dry Carpet Cleaning?

In contrast to traditional steam cleaning methods which use water, dry carpet cleaning uses chemicals. Although a small amount of water is always going to be used, it will be a very minimal amount. Chemical dry-cleaning is just as effective as using a water-based shampooing machine. The main advantage to using a system such as Chem-Dry is that a carpet can be cleaned in a shorter period of time, using less water, allowing the carpet to dry much more quickly. This process utilizes chemicals that will inject millions of microscopic bubbles into the carpet, a form of carbonation that can literally lift the dirt out of the carpet fibers. By using this system for carpet cleaning regularly, it will reduce the wear and tear on your carpet that will always occur when you are using a regular steam cleaner.

Using A Professional

For people that would prefer standard steam cleaning, but without the risk of damaging the carpet through regular cleanings, using a professional carpet cleaner is the best choice. Just as you would hire a Chem-Dry professional to come out to your home, you can instead hire a professional steam cleaner. Although they will also use a substantial amount of water, just as you would with a carpet cleaning rental or a shampooer that you have at home, steam cleaners are much more safe. They will use machines that can extract the water much more efficiently, and will do less damage to the carpet fibers with the bristles, causing less damage to the carpet fibers as they go along. The carpet will also dry in just a few hours, instead of a few days, is typically occurs when using one of the rentals at your local supermarket.

In conclusion, whenever you do clean your carpet with a steam cleaner, or if you use a professional that utilizes Chem-Dry technology, there is always going to be a little bit of damage to your carpet. However, to minimize this damage, it is recommended that you use a professional steam cleaner which can much more effectively extract the water which will prevent possible deterioration of the fibers, or use a chemical cleaning service where very little water is used at all. Either way, you are going to extend the life of your carpet by scheduling regular cleanings, perhaps six months apart. This will remove all of the particulate matter that could literally cut away at your carpet fibers, helping to extend the life of the carpet.